Tuesday, 26 August 2014


oggin' after ages

I dunno if apologies will suffice, but my internet connection was not working for all of last week.As a result, I didn't sign in and blah blah...

The matches since CSK vs MI

Oooh God, Chennai Super Kings have started the much feared downward slide.Not coincidentally, the slide has come after Hayden and Hussey left our team to play for Australia.I don't think anyone could have imagined how disastrous it was going to be.Chennai Super Kings seem to be greatly weakened and we have lost the chance to dominate the IPL.

Of course, a win in the next match will make me eat my words about the momentum and all.Who knows, these two losses may be the only ones for CSK this season.Twenty20 seems to be the bane of any cricket analyst,and for an amateur like me,predicting results is a nightmare.

New Contest

Ok let me announce the first contest for all of you fans.I am going to start a slogan writing contest.All of you are welcome to send in slogans for the Chennai Super Kings to my email address, and I'll put them up in a poll.The one which gets the most votes will be the winner.The last date for sending entries is May 13th.The poll will be put up on 14th and it will close on 20th.The winning entry will be put up on this blog.

The prize

As this is just the first contest, there is no cash or kind prize for the winner.Instead I 'll be giving five link backs from this blog.Of course,readers are also invited to give their suggestions to make the contest better.

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